9 Of Our Favourite Child Proofing Products

Being a parent is one of the toughest tasks to deal with. Once you have a child to look after, the better fraction of your affections is concerned with your child. Making the home safe for your children is the basic step that every parent follows. When it comes to childproofing, a number of products are available online as well as in the retail stores but here we bring to your knowledge, the best nine child proofing products that will keep your child safe.

  1.  Making the taps and faucets safe: While bathing or while playing with water, your children might come across hard metal faucets and taps which can bang against their delicate heads and might cause them injury. In order to avoid this glitch, there are spout covers that cover the taps and heads of faucets making them safe and protecting your baby’s head from any such metal object.
  2. Preventing slams: In order to protect your little ones from slamming their fingers at the edges or into best stroller brands, there are edge guards. Newly movable kids take a lot of topples, so look for edge protectors that wrap sharp edges and corners on hearths, coffee tables, Computer and TV tables, and other furniture to alleviate the shock if your kid falls. These prevent slams on fingers and hands of your child.
  3. Preventing Electrocution: All little children and toddlers have a habit of inserting their fingers in empty spaces on the wall and on the bed. These habits invite hazards to them. In case if you have small children at home then use outlet covers that offer clever sliding panels which do not open up easily even if your child tries to insert a finger inside. These sliding panels are cost-efficient and also protect kids from damage from electricity.
  4. Anti-tip safety straps: Several times, your child starts pulling up on furniture, climbing, and reaching out for objects, so it’s essential to put them off from pulling weighty objects over on themselves. Anti-tip safety straps fasten bulky furniture and electronics to the wall.
  5. Window stops and Window guards: Window stops prevent windows from opening fully and also make sure that no fingers are caught in between the windows. Window guards are placed between an open window and your kid where they serve the purpose of preventing falls and mishaps.
  6. Smoke alarm: A smoke alarm is essential to be installed in the home since little children have a habit of experimenting with fire and kitchen utensils. Any kind of fire can be detected easily so that the fire can be put off easily
  7. Cord shorteners or wind-ups: They prevent your child from winding up wires and other around their neck or body.
  8. Keeping Medicines locked: It is better to hide away medicines or else you should keep them in boxes that they can be easily accessed when they have to be used. Else children eat several adult medicines and can subsequently fall ill.
  9. Magnetic Drawer Latches: These latches prevent any drawer from being opened. They can be installed without drilling also.

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